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Seminar in Microeconomics
Osmis Habte (Lund); "Deregulation, Consumer Choice and Competition in the Motor Vehicle Inspection Market."
Monday 2018-02-19, 13.15, The seminar room, Alfa
Departmental Seminar
Thursday 2018-02-15, 14.15, EC3:211
Seminar in Health, Labour and Family Economics
Michela Tincani (UCL) - TBA
Wednesday 2018-02-14, 13.15, The seminar room, EC1
Seminar in Financial Economics
Kasper Roszbach (Norges Bank) - "Collateral Damaged? On Liquidation Value, Credit Supply, and Firm Performance"
Tuesday 2018-02-13, 14.15, The seminar room, Alfa
Departmental Seminar
Joao Galindo-da-Fonseca (Vancouver School of Economics): "Unemployment, Entrepreneurship and Firm Outcomes"
Wednesday 2018-02-07, 14.15, EC1:136
Seminar in

Wednesday 2018-02-07, , Alfa 1: 2003 (Dpt. of Econ History)
Departmental Seminar
Carlo Pizzinelli (University of Oxford): "Housing, borrowing constraints, and labor supply over the life cycle"
Monday 2018-02-05, 14.15, EC1:136
Departmental Seminar
Andresa Lagerborg (European University Institute): "Confidence and Local Activity: An IV Approach"
Friday 2018-02-02, 14.15, EC2:069
Departmental Seminar
Miroslav Gabrovski (UC Riverside): "Coordination Frictions and Economic Growth"
Wednesday 2018-01-31, 14.15, EC1:135
Final Seminar
Final Seminar Jim Ingebretsen Carlson. Title TBA. Discussant: Sibilla Di Guida, University of Southern Denmark.
Tuesday 2018-01-30, 14.15, The seminar room, Alfa
Seminar in Microeconomics
Erik Mohlin & Alexandros Rigos; Experimental design presentations
Monday 2018-01-29, 13.15, The seminar room, Alfa
Departmental Seminar
Gunes Gokmen (New Economic School, Moscow): "Minorities, Human Capital and Long-term Development: Persistence of Armenian and Greek In uence in Turkey"
Monday 2018-01-22, 14.15, EC1:135
Seminar in

Friday 2018-01-19, , Alfa 1: 2003 (Dpt. of Econ History)